Pride Publics Mixtape no. 1 – “Lush Longing” (released August 19, 2021)


Exhibition Soundtrack by Paul Outlaw


This exhibition soundtrack is created by artist Paul Outlaw, a writer, vocalist and theater maker, at home in the worlds of performance art, spoken word, text-based drama and American popular song in its various incarnations.


Paul Outlaw’s mix features various renditions of “Lush Life” composed by gay jazz musician Billy Strayhorn including: the first live performance by Kay Davis and Billy Strayhorn in 1948, a jazz version by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (1962), and a studio recording by Donna Summer (1982). This set also includes a recording that features Paul Outlaw himself as an arranger and a vocalist, performing live at THE LATE, LATE SHOW in Los Angeles in 2013.


In Paul Outlaw’s contribution to the Pride Publics: Words and Actions exhibition, he pays tribute to Billy Strayhorn. Read Paul’s contribution and his excerpt of Billy Strayhorn’s work.


Read what Paul has to say about his mix:


This mixtape features multiple versions of the two songs whose lyrics are displayed on my poster in the exhibition. I first heard Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life” as the closing track of Donna Summer’s eponymous 1982 album (track 1), a notable departure from her previous work. The opening lyrics “I used to visit all the gay places…” immediately grabbed my attention. The 1963 version by Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane (track 2) has long been considered a definitive rendition of the song, written by Strayhorn when he was a teenager and first introduced to the public in 1948 (track 3).


Around the time of the fall of the Wall, I awoke from a dream one morning in Berlin with an entire song in my head. It began: “Do you know what longing is…?” (track 4) I went to the studio and recorded it immediately. Like “Lush Life,” the song was first introduced to the public years after it was composed, in a new arrangement created for a theater project in Los Angeles (track 5). One of my bandmates from the Berlin days later conjured up a dub mix of the song (track 6), bringing things full circle.


And I’ve been performing “Lush Life” for more than a decade now; it was a centerpiece (track 7) of the same production that included “Longing.”




1. “Lush Life”

Donna Summer (vocals), Ernie Watts (tenor saxophone), Dave Grusin (electric piano), Don Dorsey, Michael Boddicker (synthesizer programming), Greg Phillinganes (bass synthesizer), Ndugu Chancler (drums)

From the album DONNA SUMMER

Produced by Quincy Jones

Recorded at Westlake Audio

West Hollywood, CA

Released July 1982


2. “Lush Life”

Johnny Hartman (vocals), John Coltrane (tenor saxophone), McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (double bass), Elvin Jones (drums)


Produced by Bob Thiele

Recorded at Van Gelder Studio

Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Released August 1963


3. “Lush Life” (live)

Kay Davis (vocals) and Billy Strayhorn (piano)

Introductions by Duke Ellington

Debut public performance at Carnegie Hall

New York, NY

November 1948


4. “Do You Know What Longing Is?” (unreleased demo)

Paul Outlaw (vocals, arrangements and keyboard programming)

Recorded in Berlin, Germany

Spring 1993


5. “Do You Know What Longing Is?” (live)

Paul Outlaw (vocals), Jonathan Snipes & William Hutson (arrangement and keyboard programming)

Performed in “Porphyria’s Descent” (C.O.L.A. showcase at Grand Performances)

Los Angeles, CA

June 2012

Video: https://bit.ly/2W17dXd


6. “Do You Know What Longing Is?” (RKRDR Berlin Dub)

Paul Outlaw (vocals), Andreas Loof (arrangement and keyboard programming)

Recorded at rekorder studios

Berlin, Germany

August 2012

Video: https://vimeo.com/405311789


7. “Lush Life” (live)

Paul Outlaw (vocals and arrangement), David Crittendon (piano), Owen Clapp (double bass), Ian Harrower (drums)

Performed in the play THE LATE, LATE SHOW (Bootleg Theater)

Los Angeles, CA

November 2013

Video: (excerpt): https://bit.ly/3eMAcVq

Pride Publics Mixtape no. 2 – “Darkness, Brutality, Eroticism, Noise”


Exhibition Soundtrack by Peter Kalisch


This exhibition soundtrack is created by Peter Kalisch, a 25-year-old visual/performance artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His work “attempts to point light to the condition we are living in, the postmodern condition which has resulted in a particular type of disconnection; from shared values, lived intimacy, from actual human connection, and primarily, from our physical bodies.”


In Peter Kalisch’s contribution to Pride Publics: Words and Actions exhibition, he talks about the effects of post-postmodern culture on the body and the role of vulnerability in our contemporary life. Read Peter’s words and an excerpt that he selected from David Wojnarowicz’s Close to to the Knives: A Memroi of Disintegration (1991).


About this mixtape, Peter says the following:


Darkness, brutality, eroticism, noise. All aspects of queer identity which are burgeoning under the surface of the fanfare of pride. Aspects of queer identity which are often not touched on in art. These are the aspects I identify with.



1. Patriarchy – Hell Was Full (Bon Harris Remix)

2. Mondkopf – Immolate

3. KAS:ST – What I Like About You is What I Imagine

4. No4mat – I’ll Call You Mine

5. Chris & Cosey – Synaesthesia

6. The Knife – Networking

7. BD1982 – Trails (Jam City Remix)

8. Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

9. Moment Trigger – Depthchart

10. Shifted – Bark Echo

11. Throbbing Gristle – I.B.M.

12. Oil Thief – Dirt & Humbug

Pride Publics Mixtape no. 3 – “DoYou”


Exhibition Soundtrack by Yozmit


This exhibition soundtrack is created by Yozmit The DogStar, a transgender singer-songwriter, performance artist, and designer. This mix contains original tracks by Yozmit, based around “DoYou”, a concept central to Yozmit’s spiritual and artistic performance art and music. “DoYou” refers to “‘Do’ing ‘You’ – a process of becoming fully self-realized and acting upon by balancing the Sacred Feminine and The Masculine using the gender and identity as a subject.”


In Yozmit’s contribution to the “Pride Publics: Words and Actions” exhibition, she talks about the gender duality as a source of suffering. Citing Federico García Lorca as an inspiration, she highlights the vitality of mystery in our lives. Read Yozmit’s contribution.


About this mixtape, Yozmit says the following:


These songs are my own songs. In particular, “DogStar” is about new possibilities for transformation. “DoYou” is about Realizing Self through identity, and “Sound of New” is also called “Sound of new pussy” which is about the sound from a new mother or portal which is about compassion to oneself and others.


Track list (all tracks by Yozmit)

1. Dogstar

2. Kwang Kwang Ya Ya

3. Hathor

4. Massaman

5. DoYou

6. TSGG/TwoSpiritGraceGratitude

7. Prajna Paramita

8. A Girl Named Thomas

9. Sun Moon Door

10. Sound of New

11. Stairways

Pride Publics Mixtape no. 4 – “You Can Be You”


Exhibition Soundtrack by ¿LA PREGUNTA? (Taco Guillen)


This exhibition soundtrack is created by ¿LA PREGUNTA? (Taco Guillen), a punk performance artist, musician, actor, and dancer based in Los Angeles. Taco has been a fixture on the stage of Club SCUM, a queer POC-centered punk night club in East Los Angeles, performing no-wave body positive go-go dancing (NØ-Nø dancing) and playing and singing in anarcho-punk band ARGUMENT?. Taco’s 90-minute mix offers a range of empowering sounds from punk classics to anthemic dance tunes, all unapologetically identity-affirming.


In Taco’s contribution to the Pride Publics: Words and Actions exhibition, Taco talks about the significance of acceptance and chosen family while citing lyrics from Tomata du Plenty, singer in the late 1970s and early 1980s LA-based electropunk band The Screamers. Read Taco’s contribution.


About this mix, Taco says the following:


This mix contains music that pushed the boundaries of standards with the beats to make you move & with artists’ flamboyant ways of performing or presenting themselves in daring looks. From classics to modern jams, these songs can make you feel empowered. These queer or femme artists make me feel seen & i hope they bring the same energy to the listener’s body.


Track list

1. Gravy Train!!!! – You Made Me Gay

2. Indecencia Transgenica – Asesina Por Naturaleza

3. Strawberry Switchblade – Spanish Song

4. Blu Anxiety – Send Me An Angel

5. Pelada – Perra

6. Homomilitia – Homofobia

7. Ladytron – Seventeen

8. Nitzer ebb – Violent Playground

9. Avenue D – Donkey Punch

10. Brutalismus 3000 – Good girl

11. Pete Shelley – Homosapien

12. Lene Lovich – Lucky Number

13. Lene Lovich – I Think We’re Alone

14. crass – Walls

15. Divine – You Think You’re A Man

16. Warpath – Abomination

17. Seth bogart – Forgotten Fantasy

18. Cakes Da Killa – Get Tight (Get Wet)

19. the screamers – Punished or Be Damned

20. the B52’s – Junebug

21. Adult. – Hand to Phone

22. DAF – Liebe auf den Ersten

23. Donna Summers – I Feel Love