Photo courtesy of the artist

Durk Dehner



Artist’s Quote

We are a tribal people with rituals. Our sexual appetite is adventuresome. I identify as a male homosexual and am comfortable with the terms gay, queer, faggot, and pervert. My life’s quest has been to become the most of me that is possible. Out with the guilt, and shame, the good and bad, and give it over to our spirit nature to guide us through this life.

Luminary’s Quote

I wanted to tell them they have a right to enjoy life in their way; Gays being together feeling happy, being proud of who they are. – Tom of Finland


Hooven III, F. Valentine. Tom of Finland: The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero. Cernunnos, 2020.8.


Durk Dehner grew up in Alberta, Canada, and attended fine arts programs at The Allied Arts Center in Calgary, Alberta; the University of Alberta, Edmonton; and The Vancouver School of Fine Arts. Dehner was instrumental in bringing Tom out of the underground and focusing public attention on his work.He cofounded Tom of Finland Foundation with Tom in 1984 to establish an archive for Tom’s history and work. Dehner has been at the helm of Tom of Finland Foundation developing it into what it is today while working in publishing, film direction, editing and production, public relations and marketing, photography, art collecting, writing, event production, and public speaking. Now he continues as head of the Foundation that has expanded to provide a space for all forms of erotic art.