Photo by Daniel Jack Lyons

¿LA PREGUNTA? (Taco Guillen)


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Artist’s Quote

Those who once felt alienation early on tend to find their chosen family later.


We hear people talking about it all the time. We watch it build or burn out.


The first time when we felt a part of, it was a moment of acceptance…

Luminary’s Quote

I have no technique, I’ve never taken an art lesson. – Tomata Du Plenty


“The Screamers – Tomata Du Plenty CNN spotlight from Jan. 1999 & rare footage of vertigo,” YouTube, January 2009.


Taco Guillen is a punk performance artist, musician, actor and dancer based in Los Angeles. Taco has been a fixture on the stage of Club SCUM, a queer POC-centered punk night club in East Los Angeles, performing no-wave body positive go-go dancing (NØ-Nø dancing) and playing and singing in anarcho-punk band ARGUMENT?. Under performance artist Rafa Esparza in collaboration with the ICA Museum, Taco helped to stage an impromptu freak show parade at the Santee Alley. In 2019, Taco toured Japan and the United Kingdom as ¿LA PREGUNTA? – part-band, part-solo performance art piece – and staged a range of punk art shows and performances. Taco has performed in London, Bristol, Cardiff, and at the 2019 SELF HELP GRAPHICS PAPER MACHE GALA. They have appeared in Dorian Wood’s 2019 film PAISA, television series Vida, and performed in the porno Pleasure Park, a film directed by Matt Lambert and produced in collaboration with the Tom of Finland foundation.