Photo by Zackary Drucker

Marval A Rex



Artist’s Quote

From the idea that the self is not given to us, that no thing is inherent, or this or that, I think that there is only one practical consequence: we have to create ourselves as an evolving and revolving work of art. Yes, a vulnerable prayer for a changing intimacy of the highest order.

Luminary’s Quote

El Sexo, su verdad, su visibilidad, sus formas de exteriorización, la Sexualidad, los modos normales y patológicos del placer, y la Raza, su pureza o su degeneración, son tres potentes ficciones somáticas que obsesionan al mundo occidental a partir del siglo XIX.


Sex, its truth, its visibility, its forms of exteriorization, Sexuality, the normal and pathological modes of pleasure, and Race, its purity or its degeneration, are three powerful somatic fictions that have haunted the Western world from the 19th century on.
– Paul Preciado


Preciado, Paul. Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitics in The Pharmacopornographic Era. New York: The Feminist Press at CUNY, 2008.


Marval A Rex is a LA-based performance artist, actor, curator and cultural producer who champions contra-sexualities and ritual practices that aim to dismantle patriarchal hegemonies. Rex has directed and performed in genre-bending live artworks and films since 2015. His first short film “Man, and Me” documented his gender transition and toured internationally in 2018. Rex also curates and produces queer-centric performance events across the country in an effort to give transgender+ POC artists the space to debut experimental and abject performances. In 2020, Rex hosted his first solo show in Los Angeles with support from LAST Projects Gallery which included ceramics, paintings, and live performances. He is currently working on a groundbreaking horror-comedy television series titled SPOOKABLE about a transman turned werewolf.