Photo by Raquel Joyce Fujimaki

traci kato-kiriyama



Artist’s Quote

My mere pledge:


Take every chance to burn old
Ignite every fire
Evoke you, the inferno


          Who will always be with me

Luminary’s Quote

I am daughter


Of the sea, moon and sun


I burn blue


In the coldest winter,


Turn ice


In the hottest summer.


I am my best friend, lover,


The only one


Who will always be with me.


– Michiyo Fukaya


Fukaya, Michiyo, A Fire Is Burning, It is in Me: The Life And Writing of Michiyo Fukaya. Gwendolyn L. Shervington, editor. Norwich: New Victoria Publishers, 1996..


traci kato-kiriyama is an award-winning artist, organizer, and cultural producer and is the principal writer/performer with PULLproject Ensemble (TALES OF CLAMOR); director/co-founder of Tuesday Night Project – presenter of the Tuesday Night Cafe series (currently the longest-running Asian American-produced mic series in the country);  and Writ Large Press author of a new book due for release in May, 2021.  She has been presented as a performer, poet, theatre deviser, guest lecturer, speaker, facilitator, arts activism consultant, and Artist-in-Residence in hundreds of venues across North America.

IG: traciakemi1