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Artist Quote

The duality of my gender was a source of suffering but it has sublimated into material for my art. There is immense power to be found beyond the dualistic thinking mind and tapping into the unknown mysteries of Self.


Luminary Quote

Only mystery allows us to live, only mystery. – Federico García Lorca


García Lorca, Federico. Only Mystery: Federico Garcia Lorca’s Poetry in Word and Image, Sandra H. Fonnan and Allen Josephs, eds. Allen Josephs, trans. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1992.


I am “Yozmit The DogStar”, a Transgender singer-songwriter, performance artist, and designer. Contrary to a commercialized pop star, I use self-awareness and art practice as tools for liberation from inequality, bigotry, and marginalization around gender-identity to inspire the queer community to seek liberation together in the form of awareness-based performance art project called *DoYou*.


I started my career as a fashion designer then transformed myself into a performance artist after a heart-breaking experience trying to be a Korean pop star because of my gender. After immigrating to California, I went on a spiritual artistic journey to find my voice as a trans-identified artist creating/curating/promoting *DoYou*.


I use voice, dance, and costumery as theatrical/shamanic trinity to tell stories about “Yozmit The DogStar” the goddess archetype who is my higher channel using my male form but embodying both The Sacred Feminine and The Sacred Masculine. In my artistic cosmology, as Yozmit’s conduit, I create songs, looks, costumes, public performances, and workshops and spread her message of *DoYou*.